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Abu Dhabi, UAE
19 – 23 September 2022 | Add to calendar

Hosted by MoIAT, the ISO Annual Meeting, previously known as ISO Week, is the keystone event in the ISO calendar. It consists of thematic sessions, networking opportunities, the ISO General Assembly and related governance meetings.

The meeting encourages timely debate on emerging issues related to international standards and their role in addressing global challenges. An engaging, blended programme will provide a rich experience for attendees participating in person and virtually.

Who should attend?

ISO members, international and regional partners, civil society and international organizations, policy makers and academia - all of whom will benefit from each other’s participation. The event focuses on sharing best-practice and knowledge transfer.

Collaborating for good

With the ISO Strategy 2030 guiding our way, we are working to achieve the shared vision for a better world represented by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)– which offer a blueprint for peace and prosperity, for people and planet. The London Declaration further reiterates our commitment to taking urgent climate action.​

Solutions to today’s biggest challenges require us to think creatively, boldly and collaboratively. We can only get there if we join forces with our community of members and experts, our partners and global stakeholders. ​

Let’s work together in imagining and designing the solutions we need to achieve our shared vision. At this Annual Meeting we will strengthen connections and networks within and beyond the standards community. ​

The future has begun, but it’s up to us to determine where it leads. ​


Get involved

We invite interested international organizations and ISO Members to hold thematic sessions during the Annual Meeting. The sessions will be accessible to a broad public through the event’s virtual platform.

Interested? Please submit you proposal by 20 May 2022 according to the guidelines below.

Submit your proposal 



Objective: Focus on global challenges and explore how International Standards can act as accelerators of change for good. 

Organizers: Proposals can be submitted by ISO members or international organizations. In the spirit of the event’s theme, “Collaborating for good”, ISO strongly encourages ISO Members/organizations to work in partnership. 

Topic: Sessions should be of global interest and relate to the event theme (e.g. converging technologies, collaboration, sustainability/SDGs, digitalization, building back better, future trends). 

Format: Sessions are limited to 60 minutes. Preference will be given to engaging event formats with some form of audience participation. PowerPoints, if used, should be kept to a maximum of three slides per speaker. The sessions will be hosted on the ISO Annual Meeting digital platform. Speakers and participants may participate in person or virtually, to ensure a broader reach. For those attending in person, session rooms will be available.

Speakers: Organizers are responsible for selecting and recruiting any speakers or moderators, arranging briefing meetings and running the session. ISO will not provide any funding or honorarium for proposed speakers or moderators. Please keep in mind ISO’s goal of promoting diversity and inclusion when selecting speakers for sessions (see criteria below).

Audience: Participants interested in learning about global challenges and building a better world with standards (e.g. decision makers, thought leaders, technical community, national standards bodies, international organizations, academia, etc.).

Language: English.

Technical support: Sessions will be hosted on ISO’s digital events platform. Support and advice on the technical requirements and features of the platform will be shared with session organizers.

Submission process: Proposals must be submitted using the form provided. There is a limited number of spots available for these sessions, and organizers will be informed on whether their proposal has been accepted by early June. The ISO Annual Meeting team will advise/collaborate with the organizers to ensure the proposed session meets all the criteria.

Criteria for acceptance

ISO will give preference to proposed sessions that:

  • Focus on topics of global interest related to the event’s theme (converging technologies, collaboration, sustainability issues/SDGS, digitalization, building back better) 
  • Position standards as accelerators of change 
  • Are organized in collaboration with other ISO Members/organizations 
  • Have an innovative format and/or emphasize audience engagement 
  • Proposed speakers demonstrate diversity and gender balance
  • Offer a developing country perspective 
Klaus Hatlanek
Klaus Hatlanek
Events Team Leader

+41 79 752 08 25